Why Responsive Website Design is Important for Your Business?

In the world of web, responsive web design is quickly becoming a status quo for every website. Along with fast speed, impressive design and powerful functionalities, responsiveness is also a must for a website to win over audience.

Since 2015, when mobile users surpassed the desktop users, people realized the importance of responsive web design. Also, Google started rewarding websites that were mobile-friendly over ones that were not.

Hence, the era of responsive sites started. But before going all into the details of why responsive website design is vital for your business, let’s start from the basics.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Let’s understand the concept of responsive design and how it works. Basically, responsive web design is a way to build a website that automatically scales its content and design elements to match the screen size it is being viewed on.

The objective of a responsive website design is to take all the desktop-specific elements and convert them into multi-responsive elements. So, the users can avoid the irritating resizing and zooming that happens when they visit a non-responsive site.

The difficulty of seamlessly navigating these sites leads to frustrating your customers and in the end; they end up abandoning your site.

Having a responsive website also replaces your need to design multiple websites dedicated to different devices.

Instead of designing a separate websites for mobile audience and desktop audience, responsive sites provide consistent experience to all kind of audiences.

The Need for Responsive Web Design:

The dominance of mobile users on the internet started in 2015. Google also started noticing that trend and released Mobilegeddon, an update to their search engine algorithm which included a website’s mobile-friendliness as one of the ranking factors.

This update by Google was designed to provide a boost to the mobile-friendly websites in the SERP.

Also, as we live in a society that utilizes multiple devices to consume data, user experience also emerges as one of the most prominent features that a website must possess.

So, e.g. if you’re using a mobile phone, you expect a good mobile experience in terms of navigation and ease of use. And if a website doesn’t fulfill that need, it’s easy for you to leave that website.

That’s why many website development company in India and USA provide responsive web design services to make sure that the users don’t abandon the website.

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The Importance of Responsive Web Design:

Now, that we’re pretty much clear with the basics of responsive web design. Let’s find out how having a responsive site impacts your business.

  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Impact on Google Ranking
  • Optimized Traffic
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Easy Maintenance

1. Enhanced User Experience:

User experience is crucial to website owners. You want people to like your site, and you want it to be easy to use to convince them to come back.

If someone visits your website on a mobile device, and it takes forever to load or your pictures do not have the proper resolution, it can make your company appear unprofessional.

No one wants to do business with a place that is unprofessional. But responsive design, which offers a much better user experience, can help convince people to give your company a chance.

Because zooming and scrolling will be eliminated, content can be viewed quicker, and the overall impression that visitors have will be much more positive.

2. Impact on Google Ranking:

Responsive design can help with SEO because Google, as mentioned, gives preference to websites that are mobile-friendly. In combination with other SEO factors, responsiveness can help give you a big boost in search engine results.

Google takes into consideration all websites responsiveness as one of the determiners of their rank in the search engine results. This only means that when your website is not responsive, it will automatically be placed lower in the search engine results.

3. Optimized Traffic:

According to Statista, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 58.33 percent of global website traffic. Actually, this accounts for more than half of all global Internet traffic. This only shows how it is increasingly important to have a website that renders properly on all mobile devices.

By implementing a responsive web design, you will automatically notice an increase in the number of your website visitors and also the duration they spend on your website.

4. Cost-Effectiveness:

Maintaining separate sites for your mobile and non-mobile audiences can get expensive. By using responsive web design, you can save money by eliminating the cost of paying for a mobile site. You will only need to invest in a single site design to appeal to all visitors and all devices.

 Another benefit of using a responsive website is: it offers you a lower maintenance cost as compared to running two versions of one website.

However, it is relatively expensive in the beginning. But the reduced cost of maintaining two separate websites does add up.

5. Easy Maintenance:

 Most businesses, especially smaller ones, don’t have a lot of time to update or refresh the way their website looks. But rather than having to hire a designer to handle every aspect of your website, responsive design allows you to make the changes yourself, quickly and easily.

In Conclusion:

 Nowadays, many people access the internet using mobile devices compared to desktops and laptops. Therefore, your website needs to look great and even work well on tablets and smartphones just as on desktops and laptops.

If your website design is not yet responsive, it is a high time for you to look for web design tips and redesign your website to a more responsive one.

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