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No, we are not referring to the Amazon River in South America nor are we talking about the place of our beloved DC Comics character Wonder Woman’s upbringing., Inc, has more than 300 million daily users seeking to purchase products online and is undoubtedly one of the major websites in the E-commerce sector. Apart from buying products, Amazon can serve as a foundation for marketing your brand or business. Did you know that Amazon is the third-largest web search engine in the world?

Intrigued, let’s get it on.

What Are Amazon Marketing Services?

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) are Amazon’s pay-per-click (PPC) platform, where vendors can target visitors based on factors such as keywords, merchandise, and consumer shopping choices.

AMS when launched in 2012, introduced a new way of doing business and is rising quickly to become one of the biggest digital marketing services after companies like Google and paid social media ads. This is a golden opportunity for companies to interact with potential customers through AMS, one of the platforms with the fastest growth in India at the moment.

These amazon ads or campaigns as they are known, have a rapid Return On Investment (ROI) and have a positive impact on the company’s performance. They can also be a major headache on the budget if not planned properly. AMS provides effective methods to vendors to assist them to stay ahead of the curve and increase traffic to product descriptions pages and branded pages. However, not every click results in a purchase, so it is crucial to understand how to fully exploit AMS.

Below are a few services that AMS offers. Grab a pen and paper, you might need it. Ready? Let’s dive right in.

Product Display Ads

PPC is used in Product Display Ads to advertise products by targeting shopper interests or related items. These Amazon ads are placed on the right side of a product page, beneath the shipment details, and not only describe endorsed products but also emphasize the brand rather than the individual item. Product targeting helps businesses to choose the webpage where their ad will show up. This is advantageous if you want your item to appear on the detail pages of your rival companies, particularly those that are priced higher than you. While many companies concentrate on Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Product Ads, Product Display Ads are a viable option for Amazon advertising. They focus on how your product relates to shopper desires, as well as select items and categories that can provide valuable exposure for your product.

Display Ads Sponsored By Amazon

These are pay-per-click ads that assist you to show advertisements to users who have previously visited your products or rival companies. These ads also help to target consumers who have used relating keywords for your product or who have bought from you in the past.

You can use these ads to re-engage potential buyers who have viewed the items of your rivals and direct them to your detail page. Sponsored display ads from Amazon show up on the side or bottom of search results pages and related product pages. Furthermore, instead of keywords, they reach a wider audience based on customer demographics and purchasing habits.


Amazon marketing
Amazon Marketing


Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Product Ads are a kind of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that promotes a single item. This type of marketing enhances your products in search rankings and on product detail pages. Sponsored Product Ads, like other PPC ad types, are only charged when a customer clicks on them. Amazon gives your business full control over your advertising budget and keyword bids with this function.

With Sponsored Product Ads, your company can take advantage of automatic keyword targeting, wherein Amazon finds and targets the most relevant keywords for your products. Sponsored Product Ads allow your organization to attract your target shopper because of their prominent placement in search results. They also persuade customers in the later phases of the buying funnel to purchase your products.

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands are a PPC advertising solution that features your brand and a maximum of three products. When a buyer clicks your ad, Amazon charges your firm for the ad. You do not pay Amazon to display it, but you do pay when a user clicks on it. Keywords are another element of Sponsored Brands. Your team aims and bids on keywords relevant to your product in your Sponsored Brands campaign.

With Sponsored Brands, your business can raise brand visibility while simultaneously promoting various new products. Your ad appears above search results, boosting your exposure to customers. This type of Amazon ad also includes automatic or manual bidding. Develop a unique and branded experience by creating a custom landing page to highlight your products, features, and unique benefits, complete with video content, photo galleries, and more. With a personalized landing page, your business can persuade customers to choose your brand and products.

To Wrap It Up

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) can help you drive quality traffic and revenue to your Amazon business. Over time, these services have indeed been refined to be more successful in driving revenues and building brand recognition.

You should be able to maximize the use of AMS ad types to expand your business with a variety of choices to select from and analytics tools to track your progress. Starting up with Amazon Marketing Services can be tricky for both new and old Amazon sellers. If you need help and support getting started, you could perhaps try asking a specialist Amazon branding and marketing agency to help you boost your business.

We’d love to know when you intend to use AMS; please let us know in the comments section below.