Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose PHP Laravel Framework

Are you confused about which PHP framework to choose for your web development project? Rightfully so, as there are multiple PHP frameworks to choose from that have different features and functionalities. Here, we’ll talk about why the PHP Laravel framework is your best option.

Although having tough competition from CakePHP and CodeIgniter, the Laravel framework is preferred more by business owners and developers alike.

Before we delve into the reasons to choose the PHP Laravel framework for web development and its various advantages, let’s first understand Laravel framework.

What is PHP Laravel Framework?

Since its initial release in 2011, Laravel has been the most famous and utilized PHP framework.

Laravel is an open-source platform. The most notable feature of Laravel framework is its elegant and expressive syntax. This elusive framework is designed to ease and speed up the overall web development process.

Access to ready-to-use functions such as user authentication, session management, routing, and caching, makes the developer’s job way easier while working with the PHP Laravel framework.

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Reasons to Choose the Laravel Framework:

Listed below are the 10 best reasons to choose PHP Laravel framework for web development

  • Better Security
  • Easy to Get Started
  • Emerging Platform
  • Seamless Programming
  • Open Source Nature
  • Built-in Project Environment
  • Intuitive Template Engine
  • Vast Laravel Community
  • Modular Applications
  • Supports MVC Architecture

1. Better Security

The primary reason to choose Laravel framework is the optimum security it offers. Although there is no single framework that is totally protected from online hazards, the security also depends on the written code and its structure.

However, this framework provides a plethora of high-level security parameters. This framework’s unique tools such as CSRF tokens look after the security of the project by checking each and every request, to protect it from any security threat.

2. Easy to Get Started

Laravel is easy to get started which is one of the main reasons why people prefer it so much. Even if a developer is unaware of the fundamentals of PHP, he/she can easily develop a basic website fairly quickly. Still, this is not the only reason why you should choose Laravel. There’s so much more to it than that.

3. Emerging Platform

Many veteran PHP development companies have adopted Laravel due to its dynamic competencies to handle massive and complex web development projects.

The dynamic capabilities of this framework make it highly responsive and this is one of the key reasons it is also consistently featured in the Google trends.

4. Seamless Programming

Laracasts from Laravel offers tutorials that help developers to learn Laravel from scratch. Also, the tutorials can be crucial for developers trying to solve complex coding issues of Laravel development.

The extensive content available on this platform is curated by expert professionals with the motive of making this framework as easy and understandable as possible.

5. Open Source Nature

Laravel is an open-source PHP web application platform that makes it free-to-use and has a very easy process for building complex and big web applications development with code maintainability.

6. Built-in Project Environment

In the Laravel framework, developers get an integrated Laravel project environment that makes handling project-related things easier. It also helps developers in executing lengthy and complex programming tasks in a hassle-free manner by providing a structured way of coding.

7. Intuitive Template Engine

One of the significant features of Laravel development is its Blade templating engine. This particular engine is highly intuitive and works quite seamlessly with typical PHP/HTML. As the templates are light in this framework, crafting attractive layouts is quite easy.

Developers can utilize a number of widgets of JavaScript and CSS that not only creates a good appeal but also minimizes the website’s load time that ultimately improves its ranking in SERPs.

8. Vast Laravel Community

Laravel developers sometimes get stuck with different problems related to web development. Thanks to the massive Laravel community, there’s always someone who already went through it and is ready to guide you.

9. Modular Applications

Laravel is developed on over 20 different libraries and it itself split up into multiple individual modules. This framework has adopted the latest PHP principles, which lets developers build modular, responsive, and user-friendly applications, efficiently.

10. Supports MVC Architecture

Most PHP frameworks come up short to provide hassle-free support to Model-View-Controller architecture. Laravel, on the other hand, supports MVC architecture which helps in enhancing the overall performance, optimized documentation, and offers multiple functionalities.

The support for MVC architecture is one of the vital factors that make Laravel the best PHP framework.

In Conclusion:

Now that we’ve seen all the lucrative reasons to choose PHP Laravel framework over others, we can say that when it comes to PHP web development, Laravel is the most competent framework.

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Laravel not only supports a myriad of parameters, but it is also backed by a large community that makes the development process a lot easier.

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