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In this ever-evolving digital world, building or owning static digital assets is not an option. The need for continuous upgradation of technologies as well as knowledge is inevitable. However, not every organization can adapt to or equip itself with the latest technology trends. That’s where we come in. Mindpool is a leading IT support and services provider that helps organizations adopt new-gen technologies and overcome challenges that come along with digital evolution.

As a top IT consulting company, Mindpool enables your organization to stay on top of all the necessary tech-trends. Our services include upgradation & maintenance of web apps, web hosting, and providing root cause analysis. We are also equipped in offering expert technical support and training.

Being one of the best IT consulting companies, we believe IT support and service are not just about handling software and servers during any technical errors. On top of that, we also follow an advanced approach by leveraging futuristic technologies that empower our clients to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Having rich expertise over numerous technologies and a gusto to continuously upgrade, make us an excellent IT support & service provider. As we offer extensive IT support and services, we also ensure that our offerings promote scalability and flexibility along with unmatched quality.

Our IT Support and Services Offerings

Website Upgradation

Stuck with an outdated website? Mindpool helps you upgrade your website with the latest technologies and frameworks.

Website Maintenance

Our expert team, with their vast expertise and efficiency, keenly manage and scale your website as per your needs.

Hosting Services

Mindpool also offers effective web hosting services that allow you to showcase your website to the digital world.

Root Cause Analysis

Our expert technicians help you resolve recurring issues by analyzing the trends and finding root causes.

Technical Support

Our expert technicians are available 24*7 to efficiently provide constant support to your ongoing IT projects.


We provide full-fledged technical training to your in-house teams to equip them in handling specific IT projects.

How Do We Stand out From Other IT Support & Service Providers?

Clients prefer Mindpool because we provide the best IT support & services that optimize business efficiency. Here are just some of the benefits of working with Mindpool, a leading IT support and service provider.

Timezone Availability

Our teams are flexible enough to efficiently adapt to your timezone


Collaborative Approach

We follow a very open and collaborative way of working with clients

decade long experience

Decade Long Experience

A decade long experience of delivering top-grade solutions to all industries



We deliver exceptionally cost-effective and high-quality services.

We stick to Deadlines

Proven track record of delivering projects in the promised time frames



Our expertise lies in providing effective IT support and services that reinforce your business

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Top IT Support and Service Provider

Being top IT support and service provider we deliver high quality IT consulting services
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