Why upgrade to Oracle EBS 12.2?

Upgrade to Oracle EBS 12.2

The ever-evolving business environment throws up new challenges to businesses every day and pushes them to leverage the latest in technology space to stay relevant. To help organizations respond more quickly to the dynamic market needs of today’s fast-paced world, Oracle EBS 12.2 has been launched. It is an upgrade of its E-business suite (EBS) from the previous version. The new upgrade has proved to be much more feature-rich, faster and simpler to handle.

The innovative features, functionality and user interface is designed to equip businesses for easily managing the complexities of their global business environments. The upgrade is already making waves in the technology arena and has helped many organizations to reduce costs, optimize their business processes and boost efficiency. Oracle EBS 12.2 is aimed at providing a better user experience and enhanced performance with its innovative functionalities.

Read on this blog post to get a quick glimpse into the new features introduced in Oracle EBS 12.2

 An improved GUI:

Oracle EBS 12.2 offers seamless user experience with highly engaging look and feel. It has introduced many new widgets that help the user to navigate through the application very easily and speedily.

Enhanced Security layers

This new version comes up with an extra layer of safety with security alerts that allow you to stay in control and scale swiftly without any uncertainties

Access to latest applications

Upgrading will equip you with the new functionality and software applications enabling your organization meet your business goals by harnessing the latest technology

Easy compliance

In an increasingly challenging regulatory compliance environment, upgrading will ensure compliance at a lower cost through deployment of standard processes across your organization.

Boosted Performance

Upgrading will enable you to unlock the power of cutting-edge performance and usability enhancements, allowing you to increase the efficiency of your existing applications and your business processes


The time required for upgradation?

Specialists at Mindpool will help you with nimble upgradation to Oracle EBS 12.2 without disrupting your current business functions

  • 11.5.10 à12.2 takes time between 48 and 96 hours.
  • 11.5.10 à12.2 takes time between 56 and 104 hours.
  • 12.1.3 à 12.2 takes approximately 12 hours.

Why choose Mindpool for the upgrade?

  • We have a large pool of experienced and certified R12 consultants across the globe.
  • We ensure seamless upgrade from existing Oracle EBS to Oracle EBS 12.2 without hampering existing business functionality.
  • We assess your unique requirements and proactively work with you to come up with an optimized strategy that will help you keep afloat both business and the upgrade processes simultaneously
  • Our experts prepare your business & people for the operational changes that upgrade might bring up during the project life cycle

Contact our Oracle Experts now at hello@mindpooltech.com to understand how the upgrade can help you to grow your business with the new functionalities & features on the offer.

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