Win the Talent Game: Ways to Speed up IT Hiring

One of the most overlooked aspects in IT Recruitment is the speed of hiring a candidate. When making hiring decisions, managers take long time to find the right fit with the right set of technical and soft skills. According to a survey report by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), average time to hire a new employee (from interview to job offer) is 23 days – enough time for the same candidate to join some other organization. This timeframe varies according to the type of demand and skillsets, making the hiring process more complex and challenging.

There are two basic reasons for the delay:

  1. Undefined Internal Hiring Processes.
  2. Lack of Urgency.

The latter one comes into view when employers think that they have plenty of candidates waiting in the market to join them. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is a candidate’s market, and they have multiple options too. While the desire to take your time is certainly reasonable – after all, a wrong hiring decision can cost you a fortune and set projects back for months, but delaying a hiring process or decision can cost you, too.

So, How to Accelerate the IT Hiring?

Here are few tips which your organization can implement to speed up the hiring process:

Create a long-term hiring plan: Plan ahead of time to hire candidate(s). Typically, the search for a talent begins when a company has identified an open position, which means that it will take at least a month to fill. To reduce hiring time, hold informational interviews with prospective candidates; well in advance of a job opening.
This will help you build a pipeline of resources and will also help you eliminate the initial round of screening process.

Get references form your employees or potential candidates: Notify your employees of all the open positions in the organization. If possible include the same in your internal newsletter to advertise internally as much as you can. You can also request references from candidates at the time of the first round of interviews.
Internal job postings give employees who may want to make a lateral move or change jobs within the company a chance to apply. They are also encouraged to look at their own professional networks for possible candidates.

Make quick decisions: The key to immediate decision making is by being clear on what you are looking for right from the beginning of the hiring process. The day after the final round of interview, hold a meeting with the stakeholders involved in this hiring to review the candidates and get final advice from key persons.
Conclude your meeting by taking a mutual decision and send out an offer letter the same day. Don’t make the candidate wait for long otherwise he/she will lose faith in commitment to join you.

Outsource your hiring process: Ask for help from IT Staffing Services Companies, outsource a part of your hiring process. The reason for a delayed hiring process is largely due to out of control on hiring multiple positions at a time.

IT staffing companies will help you accelerate the process as they have strong network or database of talented professionals. You can get them on-board on demand without having to spend much time in screening and head hunting.

A smooth and organised recruitment process will help you on-board perfect candidate in short period. Don’t let your potential candidates join your competitors by longing your hiring process. Adopt these well-balanced hiring practices to win the talent game in this fast moving environment.