Top 7 Reasons to Choose Android App Development

We are in an era of the digital world where smartphones and mobile devices are dominating the internet, which has made android app development and iOS app development that much more important. According to research by Statista, a German company specializing in market and consumer data. – As of January of 2021, the total number of active internet users worldwide soars at 4.66 billion of which 4.32 billion (about 92.6%) users access the internet through smartphones and mobile devices. With such a large population accessing the internet through mobile devices and smartphones, dedicated apps have become one of the most important factors for the success of a business in today’s world.

Android App Development and iOS App Development are two of the major key players when it comes to mobile app development. As per the latest research of January 2021 by Statista, Android market share takes a whopping 72%, while iOS takes up 24% and the rest are divided among others like KaiOS, Windows, and more. 

With such a dominance over the market, the development of mobile applications for android operating systems simply becomes a logical answer for businesses, but greater market share is not all it offers.

What is Android App Development & why is it important?

Also known as Android software development, Android App Development is the process of creating applications for devices running the Android operating system. The development of custom mobile apps for Android is easy and flexible. One can build an android app using programming languages such as Kotlin, Java, and C++. There is also software development kit (SDK) for android which helps to create android apps while using other languages.

As mentioned earlier, Mobile devices are dominating the internet and Android dominates the mobile market. With a market share of 3:1 ratio, android application development service becomes the first choice of businesses for mobile app development services. Along with a large number of android application development companies to choose from and robust support of the android app development community, it offers more amazing features and benefits for mobile app development.

What are the top 7 reasons to choose Android App Development?

Now it is a known fact that when it comes to mobile app development services the android development service has a huge advantage over others. 

Given below are 7 more reasons to choose Android App Development for business growth & development.

1. Convenient: easy access & easy to use 

Android apps are easily accessible to customers through the play store and share the easy usability of the android operating system. The android applications offer options to be used on various devices with synced data and create a better experience for customers.

2. Cost-Efficient : targeted budget & less investment

This application development service for a mobile application is fairly less expensive because of free software development tools like IDE Android Development Studio. The cost of entry is also less for android applications and it can be easily integrated with a wide range of the network.  

3. Easy development & customization

With Android Studio for easily getting started with App Development, the usability of various non-specific programming languages, and the availability of SDK for free testing of android apps, the process of application development becomes fairly easy. 

Custom mobile app development becomes easy with this service and one can custom mobile apps with customization features by directly integrating apps with pre-existing software. 

4. Freedom: an open-source platform

One of the biggest offered by android application development service in mobile app development is the open-source nature of the platform. The code of Android is easily accessible to developers free of cost and can be utilized to create robust android applications.

5. Integration with Social Media 

Integration of mobile applications with social media and social media presence in today’s world becomes an important factor for businesses to focus upon. This app development offers optimized social media integration for better performance at contemporary marketplaces. 

6. Greater ROI and profit.

Increased profits and High ROI are the ultimate results that a business wants when investing in mobile app development. With the App Development Service one can tap into the ever-enlarging pool of potential prospects and get huge returns for little investment done smartly.

7. Porting to another Operating System

When it comes to android advantages one can’t fail to miss the flexibility android app development service offers. Being an open-source project Android application can be easily ported to other operating systems.

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Mobile App Development Services is a robust and impressive tool, which has the power to boost a business’s growth & development by bringing it onto the most used platform for the internet. When it has such a huge effect on the business, it becomes extremely important to choose an appropriate development service as well as a mobile app development company for application development. 

Android Application Development Service is the leading mobile app development services and offers various features and advantages over other development services such as scalability in business, low development cost, robust business applications, various customization features, and most of all high ROI.

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