Top 6 CMS platform for website development in 2022

The importance of Website Development in 2021 for a business can’t be emphasized enough. Websites now represent service providers over the internet. There are innumerable benefits of building websites and all those reasons make website development services an important ingredient for success in today’s digital world.

The important thing to note is that just creating websites isn’t enough. To harness its true potential, one needs to keep managing content, work on website customization, and make the website SEO friendly. These tasks were supposedly tough to handle and one needed to have a dedicated team for these, but now there are scores of tools and software that can make all these processes streamlined and easy to handle.

Content Management System or CMS platform have been created with the vision to make the process of building websites, website customization, managing content, search optimization and more, streamlined and easy to handle.

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  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. Drupal
  4. Magento
  5. Wix
  6. Shopify

What is CMS Web Development?

A CMS platform or Content Management System is a software that helps to manage the creation, modification, and publication of digital content. It helps to manage the websites and webpages by providing an easy to use & streamlined platform to interact with the content on them. 

With time CMS platform has grown to allow creating websites from scratch, website customization with a plethora of themes and templates and plugins & more. 

One of the biggest reasons to opt for cms web development is the fact that it lets its user do all kinds of interaction mentioned above without requiring any technical knowledge or coding languages. 

Today one can use a content management system to create a website from scratch, customize a website according to oneself, manage content like text, images, videos, audio, infographics, etc. without any experience in programming languages. It can be used by firms with huge manpower as well as a small startup or an individual providing professional services.

How does a Content Management System help with website development?

It is known to all that websites and webpages are built on programming languages such as HTML, JAVA, CSS, and more. A CMS platform lets its user create, customize, manage, publish, and all other actions on a website without knowing any of the programming languages, with simple clicks & drag-n-drop systems.

A CMS platform or a content management system helps to simplify the website development and processes after that. Today the CMS platform has become the one-stop solution for creating websites and managing their content. 

  • A CMS platform makes creating websites & managing content smooth and easy.
  • CMS web development offers vast options for website customization without coding.
  • A good Content Management System also offers importing and exporting of data.
  • CMS platform also offers an array of plugins, extensions & add-ons to further enhance the experience.
  • CMS platforms have a big community to help with issues, some CMS Platforms also offer FAQs & customer support for help.

What are the top CMS platforms for website development?

Website Development
Top 6 CMS platform for website development in 2022

With so many advantages and services provided by different content management systems, it becomes tough to choose one. To choose the right CMS web development one needs to understand the top CMS platforms and their characteristics.


WordPress CMS was first launched on 27th May 2003 and is currently the world’s largest CMS platform and hosts over 35% of the total website over the internet.

What began as a blogging platform, has now developed as one of the best content management systems with lucrative advantages & robust features. 

WordPress CMS Development Services is leading the website development industry because: 

  • It is simple & easy to use.
  • It provides tools to create SEO-friendly websites. 
  • It offers easy website customization with themes & plugins.
  • It offers a powerful editor for content creation as well as managing content.
  • It has a strong and vibrant community & robust customer service ready to help.                                                     

Next up is Joomla, it is another famous CMS platform, powering over 2 million active websites on the internet. Though Joomla CMS Web Development services are not as beginner-friendly as WordPress, it offers robust flexibility and multilingualism.

Discussion for best Content Management System is incomplete without Joomla because: 

  • Its flexibility helps in custom post types.
  • It offers an advanced user management option.
  • It supports multiple languages, without any plugins. 
  • It offers unique templates for each page, making the website more interesting.
  • It can be accessed from any device, Joomla offers CMS services on Mobile devices too.

Drupal is another popular Content Management System, it powers around 13% of the top 10,000 websites. It goes toe to toe with Joomla in the flexibility system for custom posts, user management as well as multilingualism.

In addition to these Drupal additional benefits, and is more secure, but it works best if a trained professional handles it.

CMS Development Services by Drupal is highly considered because: 

  • It provides robust security.
  • Its detailed taxonomy system enhances content strategy.
  • It offers flexibility in the creation & management of custom posts.
  • It provides advanced user management & custom permission settings.
  • It offers a plethora of extensions & plugins to increase the usability of the Content Management System.   

Magento is arguably one of the top CMS platform for eCommerce website development. It was launched on 31st March 2008 and powers over 100,000 online store & eCommerce sites.

Magento Website Development Services works for exquisite user experience over eCommerce websites. It offers website development services for small, medium as well as large organizations. If used effectively it can come as the best CMS for small business as well as best cms for eCommerce in general.

Magento development is often chosen for CMS web development of eCommerce website because: 

  • It offers robust catalogs management.
  • It provides tools for advertising & marketing the business.
  • It allows simple & easy user account creation and its management. 
  • It offers an optimized shopping experience with a plethora of safe & secure payment and shipping options.
  • It provides other essentials features for an eCommerce website, Magento development offers customer support, tracking, analytics, and more. 

Wix is another major Content Management System, it was developed in 2006. Wix CMS Web development is considered to be best by the developers for thorough website customization and building websites from scratch. 

Wix is one of the leading choices of developers for Web App Development Services because: 

  • It is simple & easy to use.
  • It provides Artificial Design Intelligence & Wix Code.
  • It provides eCommerce modules for optimized website creation.
  • It offers easy website customization with over 500 readymade themes.
  • It offers premium plans with personalized email, domain name, analytics, web hosting, SSL certificate, and contact management.

Shopify is another great CMS platform for eCommerce website development, it was also launched in 2006. It is considered a great choice as CMS Web development for building an eCommerce website because it integrates cloud-based hosting

Shopify works as a great choice for eCommerce website development because: 

  • It offers features to easily build an eCommerce website.
  • It provides website customization with themes & templates. 
  • It allows third-party app access to offer a better user experience. 
  • It also allows sharing of content on third-party channels such as Pinterest.
  • It has an intricate payment system with many alternative modes for safe & secure payment.  


There are many options of Content Management System for Website Development Services and to choose the right one, careful analysis of pros & cons of each CMS Platform is necessary.

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