The growing value of payroll outsourcing

What do Payroll Outsourcing Services Provide You with

Businesses are growing at a rapid pace across India and many multinational companies around the globe are looking to expand their businesses in India, paving the way for Payroll Outsourcing Services.

Bilateral trade between India and other economic powerhouses has crossed manifolds and hence it has resulted in overall increase in the diverse workforce and their evolving needs across the country.

As the new companies are entering India every year, the new entrants as well as existing players are facing various challenges to successfully run their organization in a competitive landscape. One such major challenge that the companies are facing is to maintain their financial records & reports and to be compliant with the ever changing government rules and regulations.

So, to help such companies to legitimately function in the country without any payroll complications, Mindpool Technologies is providing Third Party Payroll transfer Services. Payroll Experts at Mindpool take care of the entire payroll cycle of their clients and helps them to focus on their core business activities.

What do Payroll Outsourcing Services Provide You with:

Payroll doesn’t mean just paying salaries to employees. There are many other aspects involved in the entire process. The following are the list of functions being taken care by a specialized payroll transfer service provider company like Mindpool Technologies.

  • Ensure information security: Payroll service providers help you to keep all your data secured and their leading-edge software help you to easily access the data whenever required.
  • Accurate salary calculations: Payroll service providers will keep a tab on the attendance of each employees, they check their log in/log out timings, track the overtime work they do and calculate their exact salary every month and pay them on exact date without any delay.
  • Check IT deductions: This is very important function of payroll processing. The third party payroll transfer service providers will have a dedicated team who will always be updated about the latest IT policies of various states and federal government and will keep updating your account.
  • Loans and Bonus: Providing loans and bonus to employees will help the organizations to retain their employees for a longer period of time. Payroll transfer service providers understand this and help the organizations in managing loans and bonus for employees
  • Full and final settlement: This is also very important task in the entire payroll cycle and payroll transfer services providers will take care of this work entirely so that organizations can do things that impact the bottom-line

As experienced payroll service provider such as Mindpool Technologies help companies with their exclusive payroll services, more and more companies are keen to outsource their payroll services and sustain their internal and external branding. This trend of outsourcing payroll processes to a Third Party payroll transfer service Provider is very common in countries such as USA and UK and is rapidly gaining momentum in the Indian market.

Mindpool Technologies is one of the leading Third Party Payroll transfer Services provider with headquarters in Bangalore and global presence, helping many clients from various industries. It has veteran experts with years of experience who are qualified to take care of all the activities relating to payroll processing. Know more about the payroll services offered by Mindpool Technologies. Get in touch with our experts at for any enquiry.