How to Save Money and Time on Your IT Hiring Process

In almost every business, finding a qualified employee for a required position is a tough task. The cost of hiring includes advertising, arranging walk-ins and interviews, job portal fees, background checks, onboarding, training, and the list goes on. The whole IT hiring process costs a fortune, in terms of time, money, and effort.

What’s worse is after spending so much time and money, you can’t fully guarantee that the hired candidate is the right candidate.

The candidates can seem perfect throughout the hiring process but when it comes to actual work, they might come short. And now the cost of training them also piles up on your already high expenses. Seems like a nightmare, isn’t it? But don’t lose your hopes just yet. 

What if we tell you that you can still save your time and money, and hire the right candidate?

Just take a look at these simple but highly effective solutions and incorporate them into your employee selection strategies.

ways to save your money and time on your IT Hiring Process

4 Ways to Save Your Money and Time on Your IT Hiring Process:

Bring in the Innovation

A great way to speed up the hiring process is to utilize technology.  Emails, text messaging, social media, and video interviews are all fantastic ways to help speed up each piece of the process.

When you are more flexible with a candidate’s availability to communicate, you will get quicker responses and confirmed interest from candidates.  For example, perhaps a candidate is unable to take your phone call but is quite capable of quickly returning a text message or email.

Preplan Your Every Move:

Often the most neglected but, in reality, the most vital thing to attract the right candidates is perfecting the job description. The more accurate you write the job description, the more effectively it filters the casual candidates.

While posting a job opening, write down your exact expectations from the candidates. Be as specific as you can; don’t shy away from mentioning the salary range. This might decrease the no. of applying candidates, but those who apply will be the best suitable for the position. With this change in your hiring process, you get to effectively filter out the unsuitable candidates. Thus, saving a lot of your resources.

Amp Up Your Employee Referral Program:

The most valuable asset for finding new talent is right there within your organization – your own employees. The college friends, ex-colleagues, relatives of your existing employees, is the best talent pool you possess. You just need to kickstart an employee referral program where you reward the employees who successfully bring in talent. This process increases the quality of hire and minimizes the resources spent. It’s a win-win situation for both, you and your employees.

Take help from the Experts:

The most efficient and cost-effective way to hire the right candidates is to team up with a reputed IT staffing partner. Working together with a staffing agency lets you leverage their years of staffing expertise and a wide pool of talent. You just need to provide the agency with your requirements and that’s it. They do all the hard work of the hiring process – from initial screening of the candidate, to interviewing him, to his background checking. They handle everything.


In order to land the best talent for your company, speed is of the essence. Taking steps to streamline your process and cutting out the inefficiencies will help capture the best talent, staying ahead of your competitors. Following all the aforementioned practices will definitely help you in saving significant time with your IT recruitment process.

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