Top 10 Reasons to Choose React Native Over Other App Development Platforms

For a long time, React Native app development was considered to be commercially unviable. It wasn’t developed or supported enough to produce ‘native-like’ apps.

But as the times changed, React Native is gaining popularity, community support, and more market share. It’s getting easier and easier to develop brilliant apps using React Native – and the world is taking notice.

The reason why React Native framework has gained popularity in recent years is that the framework helps cater both the platforms at one go and ends the holy war of selecting either iOS or Android development for mobile developers. Hence, giant companies like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Airbnb, Tesla, Walmart, Baidu Mobile, Bloomberg, and many more have shifted their eyeballs towards it.

Moreover, using the React Native framework fills the gap between focusing on a wide marketplace and making the profit. Since the number of iOS users is less as compared to Android users and yet produce more profit, many industries get into the dilemma of whether they should emphasize on making more profit by building iOS apps or building user strength via Android apps only. That’s where React Native stands as an answer by offering best of both worlds.

Now, let’s go through all the reasons why React Native is superior to the other app development frameworks.

react native is superior to the other app development frameworks

1. One codebase for two platforms

With React Native, you create one codebase that works on both Android and iOS. And it doesn’t just ‘work’ – it compiles to native Java and Swift code. Specifically, React Native creates a bridge between web UI components and their native Java/Swift counterparts.

Think about the implications for your software project. No need for two development teams for two platforms. No need to synchronize features and layouts. You simply develop faster and can get more out of your budget.

2. Native Experience

React Native is a JavaScript framework, based on React, which is also a JavaScript Library developed by Facebook. React was designed for building user interfaces for the web interface; React Native is specifically for building native mobile experiences.

It’s important to note that React Native produces real, native UI elements, leveraging the rendering of native views and functionality of the platform you’re working with.

3. Active Development

React Native is growing all the time. Both Facebook and the massive community around React Native are constantly working on improvements for the framework. If you can’t solve a problem right now because React Native doesn’t have the solution, in a few months the situation might be different.

4. Open-Source Nature

Open-source isn’t the savior for everything development-related, but it’s popular in the community, so new open-sourced versions are released often.

And each version allows for more stable development and more features that wouldn’t be available in a typical non-open-source programming framework like Swift.

5. Save time and money

If you need to develop an app for both iOS and Android, React Native is the best tool out there. It can reduce the codebase by about 95%, saving you time and money. On top of that, React Native has a number of open-source libraries of pre-built components which can help you further speed up the development process.

6. Flexibility

React Native does one thing that makes it even more attractive: It doesn’t lock you into React Native code only. If there is something you would rather code natively in Xcode using Swift, it allows you to create platform-specific code.

For example, you can compile a native iOS app with React Native, and program features directly in iOS using Swift or Objective-C to program features that aren’t available in React Native or are done easier within iOS.

7. Quality Mobile Apps

React Native is great for mobile apps. It provides a slick, smooth and responsive user interface, while significantly reducing load time. It’s also much faster and cheaper to build apps in React Native as opposed to building native ones, without the need to compromise on quality and functionality.

8. Less Memory Usage

It is compatible with 3rd party plugins and React Native tools provide smoother run-time. The lucrative framework, with its well-diversified modules, the 3rd party involvement is made much easier.

Without using WebView one can easily connect the module to the plugin via native module. This phase is directly linked with app outcome features that allow it to give a faster response. The React native for iOS and Android platforms use much less of the memory space, as the cross-bridge linking is not required and most of the codes are used during run-time.

9. Dynamic Performance

Based on ideas, react native mobile app development allows you to perform tasks that are complex using simple codes.

This framework uses the UI library created by Facebook to make more straightforward codes for implementing and executing ReactJS. In the core of it, react native mobile app developers have the ‘Live Reload’ feature. It allows us to operate on real-time code changes and make corrections while the app is loading.

10. Easy Web Page to Mobile App Adoption

With fragmented modules and intuitive code overlays, react native is interfaced clearly and properly. That means any developer can understand the sequence of codes that run by the application.

There’s no need to have a core developer team to keep accessing the app. In times of changing staff and seeking outer boundaries, one can easily adapt to the development and the situation does not stop the development of the app.

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If you want to develop a multi-dimensional mobile app, that is user-friendly and sleek in design, you know where to turn to. From start-ups to well-flourished businesses out there, people are approaching mobile applications rather than only web pages. And this blog sums up how React Native app development should be your way to go.

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