Pros and Cons of Android App Development


With over 2 billion users on the planet, Android has become one of the biggest technologies. Android apps are widely developed and used for almost every imaginable human functions. This makes Android app development one of the most sought-after skills. However, it comes with its own set of ups and downs. And that is what we are going to explore in detail in this blog.

The massive and not-so-gradual upsurge of mobile users in this decade makes it inevitable for every business to go mobile-focused. From scheduling business meetings to shopping daily groceries, almost every B2B and B2C operations are done via mobile apps. Android and iOS being the two major technologies behind mobile application development, the former beats the latter significantly in terms of sheer no. of users.

It has been practiced since a long time now. And it’s safe to say that it has come a long way with the boom in digitalization. While now every business wants to own a mobile app, as the majority of population spending time on their mobile phones, the demand for this app development has skyrocketed in the last few years.

If you’re a business that needs an Android app, it’s always better to understand what goes into making one, and what pros & cons android app developers experience while developing an Android application.

Advantages of Android App Development:

Advantages of Android App Development

Android has captured around 85% of the smart phone market across the world with over 2 billion users. Android app development offers some amazing benefits that contribute hugely to its popularity. Check them out,

  1. Smooth Device Compatibility

Android applications can easily run on the devices of different device manufacturers. This means, the Android app will run seamlessly on every device no matter its built with great user experience. This by no means is an easy feat and achieved by extensive detailing while building and upgrading the Android platform.

  1. Extensive Customization

This app development lets you customize the appearance and performance of an application with the help of its ROMs. The Android app developers utilize ROMs to build specific features and tailored interface according to the needs of that particular app. 

  1. Feature-Rich Development Tools

Android provides extremely helpful development tools that are feature-rich and cause quicker and better app development. Android app developers utilize these tools to the fullest as it minimizes the redundancy in code and makes it take up less storage which ultimately make the app perform faster.

  1. Deep Integration with Google

One of the most significant benefits of this development is its deep integration with Google. As Google is the proprietor of this technology, Google apps work the best on Android systems.

  1. Future-Proof Technology

Android is an ever-evolving platform and Google is constantly adding to what you can achieve with Android. With the backing of Google’s innovative vision, Android app development will always produce an Android app that is future-proof.

  1. Easy Approval Process

When compared with iOS app development, it’s easier to launch your app on Android platform. The main reason being Android’s approval process is not as stringent as iOS’. Android app development does not need to go under any strict initiation process before getting launched.

Disadvantages of Android App Development:

Disadvantages of Android App Development


As everything in the world, Android app development also has its fair share of downsides. Let’s go through some of them.

  1. Security Concerns

In one aspect iOS app development surely surpasses Android app development and that is security. As we’ve seen in Android the approval process is easy which is listed as an advantage comes with its own set of disadvantages. The lack of strict protocols causes Android to be very prone to security threats and malicious practices.

  1. Higher Cost

In Android app development, as you try to better and perfect your Android app, the cost also shoots up. Basically, the optimization of Android apps comes with a higher price.

  1. Testing

Unlike iOS, Android runs on various devices which lead to a massive increase in Android end-devices from different smartphone manufacturers. This surge in number of end-devices makes the testing of Android apps extremely difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Basically, to make your Android app compatible with every Android-supporting device becomes a mammoth of a task in terms of time and cost expenditure.

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When weighing the pros and cons of Android app development, you need to first assess such factors as a business idea, budget, time to market, and others. When deciding to opt or to not opt for Android app development, the key thing you need to do is to set personal preferences aside and decide on what works most efficiently for your project and what you can overlook.

As a leading Android app development company, we help you build a vast user base with advanced Android applications. The Android applications we develop are feature-rich and easy to use. Our expertise lies in offering modern Android application development services for multiple industry verticals including security, e-commerce, health, finance, and business.