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Since our inception in 2011, Mindpool is known for building highly functional web design & development, mobile app development, and digital marketing solutions across various industries. Our state-of-the-art digital solutions offer tremendous business advantages to our clients in the form of huge cost-benefits, guaranteed results, and consistent on-time project deliveries.

Mindpool offers various highly customized partnership programs to other organizations. Any organization, from a small-scale startup to a Fortune 500 company, can band together with us to expand their business benefits along with a push to their revenue. You can benefit from these partnership programs by collaborating with us for a specific activity e.g. web development and web design, or by outsourcing a complete project from us. When you associate yourself with us, you can effectively reduce expenditure and increase ROI. Our portfolio consists of numerous remarkable projects in the space of web development, app development, Microsoft consulting, and more.


Business Partnership

The business partnership is a perfect way that helps two individual organizations to achieve business objectives and goals with cooperation. Being our business partner puts you on the fast track to achieve easier market penetration, boosted productivity, efficient cost-cutting, and improved profitability. With this kind of partnership, you can combine the best of both our worlds by merging our business strongholds together. Mindpool analyzes the risks and simplifies the opportunities to full-proof the association that helps both organizations grow together. All in all, a strong business partnership will provide equal benefits and opportunities for your business and ours.

Outsourcing Partnership

The outsourcing partnership lets you focus on your business’s core competencies with the help of our extensive line of outsourcing services. Being our outsourcing partner, you’ll be able to fulfill your clients’ needs that fall out of your core business offerings and under our expertise. At the same time, you won’t have to deal with hiring new staff and dedicated resources in your unfamiliar territories trying to fulfill the client’s request. And rest assured, our quality work will retain or even deepen your reputation with your clients.



Reseller Partnership

In the reseller partnership program, you get to resell our products and services that too at the cost and timeframe you settle upon. You just have to contact the right clients who are in need of our services. In this partnership model, you can enjoy highly competitive commissions and a unique recurring revenue model, while we take care of the truly difficult work regarding project development, delivery, and maintenance. Also, Mindpool will consent to a Non-disclosure agreement with you and will never go to the front line to your customers.

Referral Partnership

The referral partnership program is a must for any organization that considers our services as a value-added benefit to their customers. Becoming our referral partner lets you meet some of the impressive benefits of partnering with us. You can earn industry-best incentives for bringing us new clients through your own networks and promotional efforts. With little effort from your side, you get to bank on our continued success as a service provider.



Independent Consultant

Mindpool also acts as an independent consultant to help organizations improve their productivity and profitability. Our special consultancy services lie in the field of web design & development, mobile app development, digital marketing, Google Cloud services, and Microsoft consulting services. You can hire our independent consultancy services for a particular project, or you can retain us on a monthly/yearly basis.

Why Choose Mindpool Tech as a Outsourcing Partner?

Apart from our zest to deliver nothing short of perfection, we have some qualities that set us apart. So, here are the reasons why one must choose Mindpool.
We are creatively led, strategically result driven, ROI centric, Techno-Friendly Digital Marketing Agency with 11+ years of expertise.
We have created many powerful brand experiences for our clients worldwide.

Experienced Developers

We have a team of experienced professionals to fulfil your niche requirements


Save Infrastructure Cost

We have modern infrastructure with all facilities to save your cost


Save Employee Cost

Save employee training and operational costs



We deliver exceptionally cost-effective and high-quality services


We stick to Deadlines

Proven track record of delivering projects in the promised time frames


Secure with NDA

Information security & confidentiality with NDA

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