How to Choose the Right Offshore Development Partner

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Make your expectations clear
  • Start with multiple options
  • Evaluate their experience
  • Communicate with their past clients
  • Check their technical expertise
  • Perform background checks
  • Observe their project management skills
  • Consider the cultural and time zone differences
  • Final Words


With organizations striving to stay ahead in this ruthless digital landscape, offshore software development has gained significant momentum. Through offshore development partners, companies in the developed countries get access to highly skilled developers in emerging technology countries like India and Malaysia at affordable costs. Besides this one, there are myriads of other lucrative benefits of working with an offshore development partner.

Once you decide to work with an offshore software development center, your work in only half done. Because you can’t just hire an offshore development partner without preparing for it. But don’t worry too much. We’re here to help you with just that.

In this blog, we’re giving you 8 tips to choose the best offshore development partner possible. So, here we go.

tips to choose the best offshore development partner
Tips to Select Right Offshore Development Partner

1. Make your expectations clear

Before you go on a hunt for the ultimate offshore development company, you must do some groundwork. First, be clear about what your exact requirements are: When do you need the project delivery? What technologies do you want to incorporate? Do you have a vision of the final output? Once you answer questions like these to yourself, it’ll be a cakewalk to explain your requirements to the offshore partner.

2. Start with multiple options

Don’t finalize the first offshore development company you come across. Take your time. Start with a list of prospects you think can work best with your development project. Consider the cultural change and time zone differences. Once you meticulously examine all the options for offshore software development, then only hire the best one.

3. Evaluate their experience

Go through all the resources you can to find their legitimacy and experience. Try to find if any of their past works match your project requirements. In order to evaluate that you need to identify whether the partner has detailed knowledge of the technologies, standards, and protocols surrounding your industry.

4. Communicate with their past clients

This is the most important step which might seem obvious, but you need to check on this aspect thoroughly. As we mentioned earlier, check if the offshore web development company has done similar work or a web development project in a similar domain. Communicate with their clients to understand their ability to deliver on time and within the expected budget.

5. Check their technical expertise

Every offshore development project varies in its core technologies. Be sure to find out if they can handle complex technologies related to your project. If you are looking for a long-term offshore partnership, consider an offshore development company that can handle different software development methodologies considering your upcoming future projects.

Ideally, they should have a thorough understanding of the software development lifecycle; right from the conceptual stage, to design and documentation.

6. Perform background checks

Induct thorough background checks to understand their culture. As you’ll be working for a significant amount of time together, the business ideology and ethics should match to have a smooth working relationship.

7. Observe their project management skills

While offshoring your software development, you must choose a partner with reliable project management competencies. Check if they do or do not provide a project manager. 

You should prefer partners who offer project management as part of the agreement to streamline the transition. They should ensure that there will always be a point of contact for your project who understands your project and its needs in and out.

8. Consider the cultural and time zone differences

Many organizations overlook the cultural and time zone gap, but it is of immense importance. These differences play a big part in making or breaking the relationship between your organization and the offshore development partner.

Final Words:

Keep these points in mind to ensure the offshore development partner meets your development needs within your budget while developing high-quality software for your business.

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