How to Amp Up Your Email Marketing Game


Email marketing has held in high regards in marketing landscape since its inception, and its popularity never declined even when newer marketing formats became popular among digital marketers.

However, if you’ve been doing email marketing for a while, you might have noticed, over time, it gets harder and harder to keep your engagement rates high. Users are blinded by the hundreds of emails they receive per day, often generic and not very personal.

So, to make your emails stand out from the hundreds of emails a user receives, you need to revamp your email marketing game. Here are some tips to help you boost your email marketing campaigns.

Amp Up Your Email Marketing Game With These Tips:

tips to boost email marketing campaigns


  1. Be Attentive from the Get-go

When someone decides to subscribe to your marketing emails, make sure you engage them from the start. It’s common knowledge that you should send a welcome email to your new subscribers. But don’t wait too long to send yours. You may want to send it a few seconds, minutes, or hours after they hit the subscribe button. Either way, the ideal timing for welcome emails is on the same day as the initial subscription.

  1. Impress Users with the Subject Lines

Your subject lines are one of the first things people will notice about your marketing emails and newsletters. It’s where you make the first impression, which could determine whether the email gets opened or ignored.

  1. Keep Your Emails Short

In the early days of email marketing, it was common to get email newsletters that had two or three columns packed with content rendered in small text. Even though they’re less common now, those types of emails still get sent with surprising frequency. When you receive one, you’re immediately overwhelmed by the amount of content to take in. Same happens with your customers. So, keeping the content precise is the sure shot way to get your emails read.

  1. Don’t Make Your Emails Too Salesy

Are you sending your marketing emails and newsletters too often? You may want to keep updating subscribers about the latest products in your store or you may want to inform them about daily deals and offers. But that doesn’t mean you keep spamming their inboxes with marketing emails. Limit yourself to one email a day at the max. Instead of limiting the options to only an “unsubscribe” button, give them the freedom to choose how often they receive emails from you.

  1. Give Special Attention to Mobile Users

Are you creating marketing emails with mobile users in mind? Litmus conducted a study of 13 billion emails around the world and found that 55% of emails are opened on mobile devices. This can only mean that businesses need to optimize their marketing emails so that mobile users can easily open and view them. Make the viewing experience as easy and natural as you can for the mobile users.

  1. Find the Right Time to Send Emails

Maybe you’ve constructed the perfect body and subject line for your marketing email. But if you’re sending the mail out when a majority of your recipients are inactive, you might be unable to get optimal opens. To ensure that you get more email opens, try to choose the right timing to send out your emails.

  1. Make it Personal

Along with the subject line, the sender name of an email plays a crucial role in making a first impression. Emails coming from a “No Reply” email address may seem impersonal and may not do much to help you with marketing. Personal introductions show users that you care, and they’re likely to be more effective at capturing user attention than generic introductions are.

  1. Add Catchy Call-To-Action

You may be regularly updating your subscribers with the latest products and deals. But are they taking the desired action? It’s not enough that you send out your updates. You need to make sure that your audience takes the next step – whether it’s to read your latest blog post or to buy your latest product. This means you’ll need to come up with a catchy CTA (call-to-action) that compels readers to act.

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Now you have a clear understanding about some of the best ways in which you can pull off a better email marketing campaign. The tips given in this post will help you create more effective marketing emails and engage your audience better.

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