5 Most Common Ecommerce Development Myths Busted

The eCommerce industry transformed the whole shopping experience and is now booming like never before. To succeed and surpass the stiff competition, eCommerce businesses need a website that stands out as well as drives sales. That’s where eCommerce development comes in.

According to Nasdaq, it is estimated that 95% of all purchases will be through eCommerce by the year 2040. Now eCommerce is an emerging and evolving industry.

Here we help you distinguish between Ecommerce Development myths and reality.
Busting the Ecommerce Development Myths
Myth 1: Building an Ecommerce Store is Cheaper than Physical Store

E-commerce is a process, a journey to improve customer experience. It is more than just a catalog and you need to realize that it is not cheap. Ideally, it follows the process of carefully planning the venture, keeping realistic expectations, committing to a long-term business and a focusing on profit generation.

Myth 2: Ecommerce Design is Not That Important

A survey suggests that consumers will make a purchase decision in the first few minutes that they spend on your site. The factors that play around here are the design, the security and the layout. Be aware that if you focus on being a price leader and overlook the design aspect, you could be viewed as a “possible scam”.

Myth 3: You Only Have to Build the Website, Audience will Follow

Successful ecommerce ventures use professional techniques like SEM, SEO, SMM, PPC advertising, etc. and will actively promote their brand to build a marketplace. All this coupled with internet marketing will drive traffic to your online store.

Myth 4: Real-World Business Experience is Not Important in Ecommerce

Building an online business is the same as building a brick and mortar company. You need a strategy, you need a business plan, and you need some good experience. You need to build a clear definition of the company’s target markets and have a thorough understanding of your customers’ needs. It is no different than running a physical store.

Myth 5: Building the Ecommerce Website is Enough

Your website is only one single part of your business plan. Analysis of the current trends along with potential risks, efficient marketing and promotional strategies are all a part and parcel of your online store set up.

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Now that we have debunked the most commonly found myths about eCommerce development, let’s hope you now have a clearer understanding towards eCommerce.

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