Dos & Don’ts of Laravel Web Development

Laravel Development Services have been leading the industry with laravel web development and laravel application development service since its establishment. Laravel offers an easy-to-use, progressive, scalable, and developer-friendly environment for web app development. Laravel also offers robust security and easy data migration.

Every new version of Laravel brings a range of upgraded features and innovative functionalities that offers the laravel community and its developers the necessary ingredient to develop unique solutions. These are the reasons that have kept Laravel way ahead of its competitors and always a leading choice of organizations for the development of custom web applications, either with in-house development or enlisting an expert Laravel Development Company.

Web Development is a process and like any other process, Laravel Web Development has its own set of dos and don’ts for refined development.

Table of Content

  1. Set Application Key for Safety & Security
  2. Utilize Local Scopes to Query
  3. Use Relationships – avoid bad queries
  4. Avoid Frequent Updating
  5. Resolve Technical Vulnerabilities
  6. Remove Development Variables & Arrangement
  7. Define Your Dependencies
  8. Employ Sentry in Your Package

What is Laravel Web Development?

Before getting acquainted with the dos and don’ts, it is important to understand what is Laravel web development.

It refers to the building of custom web apps for websites using Laravel Framework.

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP framework on MVC architecture. It was developed by Taylor Otwell in June 2011. It has been used for easy web app development with simple elegant and organized codes.

What are the Dos & Don’ts of Laravel Web Development?

Laravel Development is the first choice for web application development for developers and companies alike. The various advantages & features offered by Laravel in the process of development provide an enhanced and astounding developer experience with authorization, a speedy & secure platform, expressive, elegant syntax, robust features, and high security. 

Laravel is an effective tool in web app development and as a tool, it needs to be used again and again to understand it better and develop the expertise to utilize its full potential.

In the hands of an expert Laravel Developer or an expert Laravel Development Company, Laravel Framework can build a truly robust and custom web app cost-effectively in minimum time.

It is a known fact that ”Practice makes a man perfect.” and the same can be said for Laravel too, true expertise comes with regular coding but there are some basics that can help one to advance on the right path to becoming an expert Laravel developer.

Given below are the important Dos & Don’ts of Laravel Web Development if followed efficiently can help to refine the web app development with Laravel tremendously.

Set Application Key for Safety & Security

Setting Application Key is the most important step to take after installing Laravel. It is 32 characters long key that one can set in the environment file. If installed via Composer or Laravel installer, the key is already set by generating command or else set it manually. It safeguards the user sessions and other encrypted data.

Utilize Local Scopes to Query

Query scopes offer great assistance if one needs to write queries repeatedly in a Laravel project. It is an efficient method to add database logic to get rid of it in the model. One can extract a part of queries from the model and reuse them somewhere in the same or different model.  

Use Relationships – avoid bad queries

Relationships are used by every laravel developer several times. It is an effective tool to avoid big, bad queries. A proper grasp of Relationships in Laravel can help you to relate the tables in a very easy format and to avoid different issues while running it.

Avoid Frequent Updating

Laravel being a PHP framework shares the common issue of the PHP framework, that is two consecutive versions lacking continuity and certain flow. To go ahead with the update one needs to be a highly skilled developer.

This lack of continuity and flow creates complications and even crashes the whole system if not handled by an expert Laravel developer.

Resolve Technical Vulnerabilities

Laravel supports popular cache backends, and it is designed to use a file cache driver. Laravel also supports multiple cache configurations and therefore one must remember to fix the technical vulnerabilities before delivery.

Remove Development Variables & Arrangement

Laravel is an open-source framework and many developers/ servers are using the application. It becomes extremely important to remove all the development variables and configurations because of security risks. 

It safeguards all the sensitive credentials and stops intruders from gaining access. Therefore, one must be careful about the source control repository.

Define Your Dependencies

Packages are a prime method of adding functionalities to Laravel. While creating a package one must take time to define the dependencies to the Package’s composer.json file. A Laravel developer must develop their dependencies as Package in Laravel.

Employ Sentry in Your Package

Sentry is a package created by Cartalyst. It is an easy-to-use and fortified authentication and authorization package that makes a Package authentication proof.

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Laravel development is an important part of web app development. Keeping these important points in mind any organizations can hire a professional Laravel Developer or enlist an expert Laravel web development company and harness the potential of Laravel Web Development.

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