Digital Marketing Trends that are making a buzz in 2021

Digital marketing trends pop up now and then; while some of them disappear, a lot of others stick back in the market making new records. Since 2020, the time has been unfortunate in many ways and this ill-fortune is still persistent in the year 2021, but thanks to digital marketing it kept many businesses from sinking and even expanded some.

Digital Marketing strategies often take a new face, however, its end goal is to reach the maximum audience and increase the revenue. Since you have landed up here, we guess you wish to know the digital avenues that would keep you ahead of your competitors. So grab a comfortable chair, we are about to take you on a tour of digital marketing trends in 2021.[/vc_column_text]

Digital Marketing Trends that are making a buzz

We bet, by the end of this blog, you will have a clearer idea of digital marketing’s where about in 2021, customer interests, and a lot more.

Following are some of the best Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

1. Conversational Marketing

So tell us, what ignites the interest in you; an email that is sent to a lot of others like you or a chatbot that interacts with you in real-time? Of course a chatbot! Who has all day to scan multiple emails and websites? Instant messaging in real-time is the best way to engage the potential audience and turn them into customers.

Reason? They get all the information without wasting time. Yes, patience is not really the key here!

A study proved, that chatbots improve customer service by 85%. Besides, we asked people how they prefer to communicate on business queries and 63% of them preferred chatbots.  Good choice peeps!

2. Personalization

The only key to staying ahead of your competition in 2021 is to be unique. You can definitely follow the trends; however one needs to design a different path to be effective.

For instance, businesses run contests to attract users. You can do that too! The only thing to focus on is to offer everything personalized. Keep your content, emails, graphics, and products; exclusive.

3. Social Messaging apps

Yes, social messaging apps do a lot more than just sending emojis.

If we believe the numbers, every month around 10 billion of the messages of Facebook are exchanged between businesses and audiences. The same goes for Instagram.

Primarily these were just the platforms meant to connect with friends and have fun. However, now they have legitimately turned into business magnets. They not just cater to customer interests but also deliver top-notch customer service.

4. Voice search

Voice search is a revolutionary concept that challenged businesses to up their game. Analysts predicted that by the end of the year 2021 about 50% of the searches will be based on voice. By 2022 60% of the homes will have smart speakers. Voice shopping might skyrocket and reach a $40 billion business in 2022.

You can imagine the magnanimity of this digital marketing strategy! The prime reason for such growth in this department is the convenience it offers. The most you need to do is speak to the artificial intelligence about your needs and you have your answers.

Embracing the voice search strategy for your business is not just to stay relevant but also to deliver a unique experience to the users.

5. Social Media stories

Snapchat was the first one to introduce the concept of stories. Eventually, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube too came up with their story formats.

Since it comes with a timeline, it is a great way to bring out the curiosity in your customers. People will focus on the timeline and fear to lose a chance to grab some exciting news.

Social Media stories bring perks like rise in brand awareness, consistent engagement with followers, save money, boosts traffic, target young demographics, the easiest way to take a poll, quick call to actions. You can also visually impress your audience with the help of different filters, etc.

These were just a few trends, Mindpool has a lot in store for its customers when it comes to digital marketing. If you are looking for a digital marketing service provider with deep knowledge, look no further.

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