A Remarkable SEO Transformation for a Florida-based CBD Company



Client Overview:

Based in the sun-soaked regions of Florida, our client operates within the competitive landscape of the CBD industry. They pride themselves on a few critical distinctions: incredibly swift shipping, superior quality products, and the transparency and assurance of lab-tested merchandise.

The Challenge:

Despite these strengths, they were confronted with a worrying concern. The client’s website experienced a noticeable dip in organic traffic, affecting sales. Recognizing the value of digital visibility, the client sought an expert to optimize their website SEO and boost rankings for over 100 essential keywords.


Our mission was crystal clear:

Elevate the rankings of 100+ keywords, aiming for the prestigious 1st page on Google.

Target a robust 65% surge in web traffic within just six months, which in turn, was anticipated to augment their revenue by a minimum of 40%.

Strategy & Implementation

SEO Audit:

We dived deep, scrutinizing every element of the website to discern opportunities for SEO enhancement.

On-Page Optimization:

Our discovery revealed the need for significant on-page tweaks: the meta titles and descriptions needed revamping, schema codes required updates, canonical tags were optimized, and the content enriched for better SEO resonance.

Off-Page Optimization:

Understanding the might of quality backlinks, we carved out a robust strategy to elevate both domain and page authority. Tactics like article submissions, PR campaigns, and guest postings became integral parts of our plan.

Technical SEO:

Delving into the technical realm, we rectified core web vital issues, enhancing the website’s speed based on insights from Google’s Page Speed report. With the schema plugin, the site’s visibility on Google SERPs grew significantly. Sitemap optimization, UI/UX enhancements, and resolution of crawl errors based on Google Search Console further fortified our technical strategy.

Content Strategy:

We championed a holistic content approach. This involved refining existing blog content and orchestrating content clusters, concentrating on specific categories to solidify authority.

Continuous Monitoring and Iteration:

SEO is a dynamic field. As we progressed, fluctuations in traffic and keyword rankings were evident. Leveraging premier SEO tools, we consistently monitored keyword positioning, focusing especially on revenue-generating keywords. Additionally, vigilant tracking of off-page activities ensured our client’s site remained untainted by spammy links.


Ranking Improvement:

Out of the targeted keywords, we achieved first-page ranking for 150+ of them. Even more impressive, 65+ of those keywords secured positions within the top three!

Traffic Increase:

We didn’t just meet our objective; we surpassed it. A remarkable 78% increase in traffic was observed in a mere three months.

Engagement Metrics:

It wasn’t just about numbers. The quality of engagement saw enhancements too. A reduction in bounce rate by 15%, improved sessions across all devices, and a rise in newsletter sign-ups showcased a more engaged and committed audience.

In conclusion, this journey wasn’t just about improving metrics; it was about translating digital efforts into tangible business growth. Our Florida-based CBD client now stands as a testament to what strategic, diligent, and informed SEO can achieve.