Restaurant Management Mobile-app For US Restaurant Chain

Restaurant Management MobileApp For US Restaurant Chain

About Us

This client is a leading organization that made big waves in the hospitality sector with the idea of a restaurant management platform where patrons can order food from their table and through their phone without having to interact with the waiters. With this idea, they reached out to Mindpool team to provide them the right solution.

Client’s Requirement

The client wanted an online digital platform for restaurants where patrons can order food through their phone by scanning a QR code on the table. Next, their assigned waiter should be notified about the order on their app and, after confirming the order, he/she should forward the request to the kitchen staff. Also, the client needed the solution to be hierarchical; different personnel should get different access according to their responsibilities. The restaurant owner should get the full access of the platform to be in control of everything happening in their restaurant. The client wanted the platform built in a period of 4 months.

Our Approach

To achieve the client’s goal, Mindpool offered a dynamic web solution to be developed in the PHP Laravel, HTML5 / CSS3, and MySQL technologies. And the mobile app to be built on the Ionic framework. Also, the team utilized Photoshop XD and InVision to create immersive design experience.

Mindpool’s Solution

The team leveraged technological solutions that enabled seamless digital restaurant experience for the patrons. The waiters and kitchen staff can also easily complete their responsibilities with a few, easy steps.
The team implemented a feature where patrons could scan the QR code on the table to fetch the menu and other ordering options. Restaurant owners will easily be able to view and control what’s happening at their restaurant through special access of the application .
The Mindpool team brainstormed extensively to make the platform accurately hierarchical for better control. Lastly, the team Mindpool built the whole solution in just the matter of 4 months as required by the client.