Integrated Multi-Store Management Web Solution | Case Study

Integrated Multi-Store Management Web and Mobile App SolutionMobile App Development

About Client

This client owns and operates the leading merchandise store chain in the United States. Currently, it operates stores in 12+ gas stations. It has shown remarkable success in providing unique facilities, a bustling atmosphere, and creating an environment that closely mirrors that of a marketplace. It has set itself apart in providing the best experience for road travelers.

Client’s goal

The challenges of managing multiple stores in different locations were evident because of the success and scalability of the business. Managing orders at the various stores, managing inventory, and generating reports from the POS systems were the main challenges faced by the client. As part of these challenges, they sought an effective solution that could meet all their concerns. Store management at different locations was difficult without a centralized solution. Consequently, these challenges and difficulties hindered business operations. Despite the tremendous success, further expansion became complicated.

They needed an easy way to maintain and update inventory across all stores. Dealing with different POS systems was a pain point. The client approached Mindpool Technologies for a reliable solution. After carefully considering the client’s challenges, Mindpool Technologies proposed a solution in the form of a web app.

Proposed Solution:

To meet the client’s goals, a comprehensive and scalable web solution has to be developed using the latest technologies. Our team meticulously analyzed requirements before developing the prototype. The web application is designed to be robust, secure and scalable based on the right tech stack. In the entire project lifecycle, selecting the right technology stack is a vital first step. Combining our agile process with our expertise resulted in delivering the best web solution in a timely manner. All requirements of the client were carefully considered to ensure the web application covered all aspects.

We understood that the centralized inventory management feature must be integrated into the web application considering the challenges faced by the client. We offered the ability to update the inventory at the store level with one click, as well as to update individual store inventories. Billing management functionality was implemented, allowing the client to save a significant amount of time and making the billing process automated. A web application was integrated with three well-known POS systems.

Technologies Used

Angular Js(Frontend):

Google’s Angular JS is an open-source JavaScript framework. With AngularJS, we can easily create interactive elements for web apps. The framework is primarily intended to assist with the development of single-page applications. We preferred AngularJS over other frameworks because it emphasizes code quality and testability.

Node Js(Backend):

We preferred Node.js for our backend because it has excellent multitasking capabilities. In contrast to other platforms, its single-threaded, event-driven architecture can handle multiple simultaneous requests without clogging the RAM. Further, its event-loops and non-blocking I/O operations enabled code execution at a pace that significantly increased application performance.

Figma & Adobe Xd:

The mockups were created using Figma and XD helped the client to visualize the application before it was developed.


We empathized with the client’s need for swift and accurate results. Mindpool development team developed the application in quick time and deployed it as fast as possible. Client was able to overcome their challenges due to the seamless integration of all the features. With the help of this web application, they were able to streamline their business. Additionally, the overhead operational costs were reduced significantly. Business operations were smoother as inventory management was simplified. A billing feature integrated with the POS system allowed the system to generate reports and offer valuable insight. The overall business efficiency was improved to a greater extent, ultimately resulting in the expansion and growth of the business.

Mindpool exhibited more enthusiasm in solving the client’s problem, which helped the client to place more trust in us.

  • Single Feature Rich Integrated Store Management Solution
  • Real Time Inventory Update
  • Multi-location Central Web and App Based Solution
  • Secured and Scalable Solution