Transform Your Store To Online Store with Shopify | Case Study

Transforming Pet Store To A Shopify E-commerce StoreEcommerce Development Services

About Client

The client is one of the top online sellers of pet products in Singapore. Developing a community around pets and pet parenting is an aim of the client’s innovative products and services which make sure that every pet parent and the pet can meet their needs. They sought to build a kinder world for both pets and humans, and help them get along for years to come.

Client’s goal

The client wanted to improve pet and parent lives by delivering pet products directly to their doorsteps (D2H). In order to go online, they needed a Shopify e-commerce website so that customers could order their pet supplies. As a result, the company assigned the task to one of the companies, but the website developed had many bugs and issues. Customers were unable to place orders on the site. Later client approached Mindpool for revamping the entire website and seeking professional help. Along with these fixes, the website was to be updated with a lot of new features and speed optimization. This was a must for a pleasant customer experience on the website and to boost overall online sales. The Mindpool team accepted the challenge with no hesitation and we outlined the goals for website redesigning and improvement.

Proposed Solution:

In a similar vein to many of our projects, we began this project with an in-depth interview with key stakeholders. Our interview with the client revealed several pain points with the existing Shopify e-commerce website. This prompted us to create the wireframe for the website. In the design phase, we aimed to create a website that would both be functional and engaging for each of its users. Shopify was used as before in the existing website by our development team. In addition to the integration of Shopify’s features, our team added new features like SMS gateway integration and Email gateway integration that helped the client remain connected with their customers.

Our team triple-checked every aspect of the Shopify website from front to backend after designing it for the client. In order to ensure proper functionality and efficiency, the website was tested on popular devices and browsers. In order to create the ideal experience for our clients and visitors, we carefully reviewed the site for any last-minute changes that would be needed


The new website has successfully unified all the client’s products and categories. Because of the smooth user experience on this website, it appealed to customers and led them to order. This led to a significant increase in sales and easier management of orders. In the search engines, the website started to rank higher as all SEO factors were addressed. They are now able to make a greater impact with their new website due to clean development.

  • Sales Growth
  • SEO Friendly Website
  • Unification Of Products And Categories
  • Enhanced UX With Clean Cod