Success Story: How a CBD Reseller Dominated the Digital Landscape with SEO



Client Overview:

One of our California-based client has a unique position in the CBD industry. They are not just any retailer but a reseller, offering an eclectic mix of products from multiple renowned CBD brands. Their strength lies in the diverse range they present, ensuring that every customer finds something fitting their needs.

The Challenge:

While they boasted a vast product range from various brands, capturing organic visibility for such a variety was a challenge. They wanted to optimize their digital presence, aiming to boost the website’s traffic and consequently, its sales. The client’s ambition was to rank favorably for an expansive list of keywords, encompassing a plethora of brands and products they housed.


Our goals were outlined with precision:

Position more than 120 diverse keywords on Google’s enviable 1st page.

Achieve a significant 75% upsurge in website traffic over a span of six months, with an optimistic projection of enhancing their revenue by about 50%.

Strategy & Implementation

SEO Audit:

With a varied product line-up, a comprehensive audit was imperative. We delved into the website to pinpoint areas craving SEO attention.

On-Page Optimization:

The diverse range meant multiple product descriptions, brand stories, and more. We rejuvenated meta titles and descriptions, instilled relevant schema codes, adjusted canonical tags, and undertook meticulous content enrichment to resonate with the vast product spectrum.

Off-Page Optimization:

Given the website’s reselling nature, the importance of robust backlinking was paramount. Our strategy involved article submissions and securing guest posts to build brand mentions and authority.

Technical SEO:

The website’s vastness demanded impeccable speed and responsiveness. We addressed core web vital issues, optimized the site’s speed based on Google’s trusted Page Speed insights, and employed the schema plugin to amplify its Google SERP presence. Fine-tuning sitemaps, refining UI/UX, and rectifying crawl errors added to our technical endeavors.

Content Strategy:

Tailoring content for a variety of brands was pivotal. This demanded revisiting and optimizing past blogs, while also initiating a content cluster approach. We emphasized curating content for each brand, bolstering the site’s overall authority.

Continuous Monitoring and Iteration:

The expansive product range made monitoring even more crucial. Through state-of-the-art SEO tools, we tracked the movement of our 120+ targeted keywords and ensured revenue-generating ones took precedence. The vast backlinking strategy also needed oversight to ensure protection from undesirable spam links.


Ranking Improvement:

From our target set, a whopping 165+ keywords secured their spots on Google’s first page. Among these, 70+ keywords clinched positions within the top three!

Traffic Increase:

We overshot our goal, witnessing an 80% increase in website traffic within just four months.

Engagement Metrics:

Beyond just numbers, the quality of interactions showed pronounced enhancements. The bounce rate declined by 18%, sessions experienced growth across devices, and there was a notable uptick in newsletter subscriptions, pointing to a more involved visitor base.

In wrapping up, this success story underscores the transformative potential of strategic SEO. Our client, a prominent CBD reseller, now enjoys a reinforced digital presence, translating their vast product range into visible and profitable online success.