Digital Marketing For Technology Training Services | Case Study

Integrated Marketing Solution For Technology Training CoursesDigital Marketing

About Client

We are working with one of the leading career and IT training centers in the USA that delivers comprehensive training and career development courses in the area of information technology to corporates and individuals. It aims to advance the IT careers of candidates with cutting-edge technologies. In addition to traditional instructor-led classroom training, the company also offers online courses as part of its integrated learning solutions. It is an authorized training partner of Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, VMware, and ITIL.

Client’s goal

Over the past three decades, clients’ eLearning solution has transformed over 30 million IT professionals’ careers to the next level. The company operates over 70 locations in North America and has a global franchise network. Despite a great deal of success in the offline market, it is important to establish a solid online presence in this digital era. In response, the company desired digital expansion and streamlined revenue.

People are stuck in their homes during this pandemic, limiting their ability to enhance their professional skills. By addressing this point, the client intends to boost enrollment in online courses and assist professionals to upgrade their skills.

The client approached Mindpool Technologies with the goal to enhance their digital reach into different geographies of the USA and increase their e-revenue across various industry verticals.

Proposed Solution

Our expert team performed comprehensive marketing research and presented a multi-dimensional digital strategy. In our research, we found that most people are looking for opportunities to upgrade their skills and advance their careers. The best IT trainers are in high demand, as many companies strive to increase employee productivity.

By leveraging the circumstances, we designed a 360-degree holistic marketing plan called a “Growing Business Integrated Plan” that maximized enrollments for courses. We tailored our search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and local SEO strategies to the target audience while harnessing other strategies such as email marketing and content marketing. We also fixed some technical and malicious issues on the current website in a short period of time, helping us to improve organic ranking. Establishing Digital Analytics helped us to understand the key performing channels in a better way.

With SEO strategies, we were able to drive maximum traffic, which led to greater brand awareness and conversions. In addition, Google search ads enabled us to

reach out to In-Market audiences effectively. Engaging with relevant audiences through social media campaigns on various platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn, was extremely effective. Local SEO also performed incredibly well in maximizing offline course enrollment. Overall plan executed with a great deal of care and enthusiasm resulting in exceptional results.


In empathizing with the client’s need for an immediate outcome, we offered them the best possible solutions. As our hard work paid off, the numbers showed the same, with organic traffic increasing by 60% and e-revenue flow by 40%. Through the website and other digital channels, individual and corporate inquiries increased exponentially. With the help of white hat SEO techniques, most of the targeted keywords are ranked on the first page of the search results. Account-based marketing was extremely successful and resulted in better overall results.

  • Overall traffic on the website increased.
  • Increased in the e-revenue flow.
  • An extensive digital reach improved brand awareness and conversions