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Internal Voting Application

A personalized and feature-rich voting mobile application for a top organization in the USA developed by Mindpool
About Client

From college election to inter-corporation elections, every internal election can be executed with this mobile application. It shall give background of the client reframe the sentence


Client’s Requirement

The client wanted to build the voting platform to make the mobile voting process as smooth as possible. They needed the app to perform perfectly on Android as well as iOS with ease of usability.

Our Approach

To achieve the client’s goal, Mindpool offered a robust mobile application to be built in native Android and native iOS frameworks.

Mindpool’s Solution

The native app development team  at Mindpool built a powerful mobile app for the client leveraging appropriate themes & plugins and incorporating custom app development wherever necessary.

Mindpool’s app development team  checked all the marks and enabled the client to offer an app that makes internal voting as easy as possible. The new application enabled users in easily casting votes and assured secured counting with fraud-proof security.

Mindpool’s native app development experts put dedicated efforts and gave significant priority to the design and UI aspect. They ensured that the app is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate through.

Value Provided
Impressive Design
The client wanted the app users to enjoy easy and intuitive designing features. We implemented great functionalities to achieve exactly that.
Transparent Voting
With systematic technological integration, the app has enabled clear and quick mobile voting with attention to transparency to make it dispute-free.
User Experience
Native Android and iOS development ensured the best user experience enabling the users to interact with the mobile app seamlessly.