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SAT Healthcare

Healthcare Industry (USA) - Website Development
About Client

SAT Healthcare is a staffing partner that acts as a connecting point between healthcare professionals and facilities. They have a team of qualified and experienced healthcare recruiters who offer customized staffing solutions.

Client’s Requirement

The client wanted to build a website that will focus on & showcase their services and will act as an effective marketing channel. The client also desired to make surfing the website a pleasurable experience for both, healthcare workers and facilities.

Our Approach

To achieve the client’s goal, Mindpool offered a robust web solution to be developed in the HTML/CSS and JavaScript technologies.

Mindpool’s Solution

The development team implemented latest technological advancements to develop a website that is easy to use and boasts rich user experience. The healthcare facilities can easily connect to list their requirements and the healthcare professionals can smoothly look for a job that suits them the best.

We also facilitated a robust search feature for the healthcare workers to easily fill their preferences to streamline and tailor the job searching process.

The developers built a feature to effectively categorized jobs in various categories such as nursing, travel nursing, in-house care, and more to minimize the users’ efforts to search relevant jobs.

Value Provided
Easy-to-use Platform
Healthcare facilities and workers can now gain access to this platform through the website. They can now browse through various jobs in a specific category and easily apply.
Quick Delivery
The client offered a short deadline to Mindpool to build the solution. The team worked round the clock to develop a dependable and powerful web solution that exceeded client’s expectations.
Easy Account Setup
Healthcare professionals don’t have to follow a lengthy account set-up procedure. They just have to enter basic information to create their account.
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Healthcare Industry (USA) – Website Development

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Website Development Solution, Web Solution

SAT Healthcare

October 29, 2020