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Fuji Electric

Safety Observations System Application (India)
About Client

Fuji Electric is a global manufacturer of reliable power electronics equipment & products ranging from semiconductors to drives and power supply. They contribute to the resolution of energy management problems, through pursuit of technological innovation in electric and thermal energy.

Client’s Requirement

The client wanted to build a digital SOS platform for internal purposes where employees could report distress signals in times of any mishap. They wanted an all-inclusive solution that covered not only reporting of the mishap, but also its description, severity, the location, assignee allocation, and action required for the mishap.

Our Approach

To achieve the client’s goal, Mindpool offered a robust web solution to be developed in the PHP Laravel.

Mindpool’s Solution

Mindpool’s development team implemented an arrangement that enabled a systematic functional flow. This flow allowed smooth submission of the mishap inputs for the employees and streamlined its accessibility for the assignees to easily take action.

With the help of reliable technologies and with a clear image of the end product in mind, our team developed a secure, end-to-end SOS platform. Team Mindpool enabled the client with seamless reporting and immediate action taking.

Our developers also facilitated a function where users could filter the SOS requests which are specifically assigned for them or requested by them.

Value Provided
Easy-to-Use Platform
Employees can easily put information in desired sections without any hassles. The sections designed on the platform provide maximum convenience to the employees.
Quick Response
With the smooth accessibility and user friendliness, employees can effectively minimize the reporting and response time.
Smooth Communication
Reporting employees and assignees don’t have to put together and forward lengthy pieces of information regarding the mishap.