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KRG Consultants

Digital Marketing Solution for a leading management consultancy provided by Mindpool
About Client

KRG Consultants Private Limited is a modern-day business advisory and management consultancy organization working in the field of Banking & Financial Industry.  Based in Mumbai, India, the organization serves public sector organizations to service sector organizations. They offer an array of extensive & collaborative services to their consumers from around the globe. These fine services include various aspects of management consulting services Viz. Cost Audit & Assurance, Start-up Advisory Services, Cost Transformation Services, Research & Data Analytics, Virtual CFO Services, and more.

Client’s Goal

As a professional and fast-growing management consultancy organization, KRG Consultants offers Internships in India for Management, Fintech & Finance. The summer internship program includes finance internships, management internships, business analytics internships, and fintech internships.

KRG consultants were looking to expand themselves and needed to hire a large number of interns that would help them to expand the business and would impart the interns with professional experience and industry exposure. Until now KRG Consultants has been using the traditional, offline method of hiring that poses challenges in getting more numbers of hiring of summer interns. There were monetary, physical, and health-related challenges that were hindering them to get interns from all over India for different verticals for its summer internship program and to expand its business. They weren’t able to create apt brand awareness about their program and were lagging to convey the information of their program to the target audience.

Proposed Solution

KRG Consultants shared their concerns and expected goals with Mindpool Technologies. We performed a meticulous analysis and discussion within our team. What we discovered that in the current pandemic situation it will be difficult to reach correct interns and prospecting them with manual efforts will be time-consuming. So digital solution was the key to this problem, and we proposed digitalization of the hiring process and use of digital marketing solutions viz. digital marketing strategy, use of social media promotion, online advertising for business, content marketing solution, and other innovative digital marketing services to get quick results in an optimal cost-effective manner.

With that done, we calibrated the requirements to build a multi-dimensional solution that offered the best result and proposed it to them. The proposed digital marketing services were devised to raise the brand awareness of the program and were able to efficiently convey the information to the target audience using acute brand development strategies, digital marketing strategies, social media marketing strategy, content marketing strategies, paid ads, and more.

  1. We worked with the KRG Consultants for brand development strategies to increase brand awareness & provided them with a digital game plan to maximize reach to their consumers & boost conversions at low cost.
  2. To get the best results, landing page designing was an important task with the right customer journey and user experience. Mindpool Technologies created a sophisticated and user-friendly landing page, to increase conversions.
  3. Given the influential power of social media, content marketing, and digital marketing services, Mindpool Technologies provided the KRG Consultants with complete Digital Marketing Solutions Viz. A refined set of digital ad copies for Facebook promotion, Instagram promotion, Social Media Promotion on LinkedIn.
  4. We deployed an online marketing strategy that not only delivered the expected result with optimized well-planned online advertising for business and paid ads to enhance the results.
  5. To drive more engagement and provide personal attention we devised a set of webinars that served as interactive digital communication platforms with the target audience and created a positive impact. This innovative webinar promotion, local listing & awareness building on new channels helped KRG Consultants to achieve their goals.

With understanding the client’s urgency and desire for quickly visible results Mindpool Technologies worked to launch the campaign in a time of one week and we started delivering the initial results to them as soon as the second week of the campaigns. With the digitization of the KRG Consultant’s hiring process and implementations of digital marketing strategies, they shifted from traditional, long-established ways to innovative, up-to-date, and cost-effective ways that helped them to overcome the challenges and made them able to expand their business to a broader level.

Results after Implementation
  • Designed digital enquiry flow
  • Reduced intern onboarding time
  • Reduced the cost of onboarding
  • Brand reach across pan India
Technologies Used

Mindpool Technologies used various systems of ingenious strategies of using technologies and services to provide the KRG Consultants with needed brand awareness and to reach efficiently to their target audience.

  1. Digital Marketing Strategies & Services were used to give global exposure at considerably less cost.
  2. The use of Content Marketing helped in reaching the target audience effectively.
  3. Custom landing page designing was used to drive traffic and enhance user experience to boost conversion.
  4. We used social media marketing to strengthen the reach through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  5. Online advertising for business through paid ads further boosted brand awareness and its reach.
Customer Testimony

Happy and Content with the project delivery by Mindpool Technologies, this is what the Client had to say:

“One of the most trusted & quick support we received with cost-effective & innovative solutions to our queries.”

“Mindpool Technologies is indeed one of the best IT Consulting companies we have worked with, not only do they provide well-calibrated consultancy, but they also provide thorough help till the resolution.”

“The company precedes its reputation as the torch-bearer in the industry, got a quick and cost-effective solution to our challenges.”

“As a good Business Partner Company, Mindpool Technologies is well versed in understanding the prominent as well as underlying issues of a business and giving efficient and long-lasting solutions.”

“Mindpool Technologies is a technical solution and digital marketing solution provider that one can trust as Business Partner, and bank upon well versed their digital services to resolve business problems and attain business goals efficiently.”

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Digital Marketing Solution for a leading management consultancy provided by Mindpool

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Digital Marketing Solution, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Services

KRG Consultants

June 2, 2021