Assessing a Third Party Payroll Services Provider

Assessing a Third Party Payroll Services Provider

Managing payroll is a really complicated and time consuming task for a company irrespective of the company size, this is where Third Party Payroll Services come in. Whenever you hire a new employee, you need to do various formalities such as filling the intricate forms, disbursing the salaries, complying with the labor regulations and paying the taxes on time. You can avail the services of a Third Party Payroll Services provider who will help you get rid of the payroll worries and enable you to focus on your core business functions. Choosing the right Third Party Payroll Services provider for your company can be a difficult job because of the ever evolving payroll challenges.

As every organization has unique business requirements, you need to choose an experienced payroll services provider that has the capabilities to perform your payroll functions cost-effectively and speedily.

Evaluate A Third Party Payroll Services Provider With The Following Parameters
  • Know their billing rate: Every service provider has a different billing rate. Some service providers offer additional benefits such as HR Services or Employee On-boarding at reasonable pricing, so you need assess the offerings of the services provider as compared to your needs proactively. Also, you can try the services of a Third Party Payroll Services provider for certain period before signing a long-term contract with the services provider.
  • Industry specific: It is always recommended for the companies to check your potential service provider’s expertise level for your industry or business environment. As some providers are experts for certain business settings but may not be able to match the requirements of other industries. Always choose a Third Party Payroll Services provider who has experienced professionals with specialization in the industry in which your company is operating.
  • Good Support: Always choose a reliable Third Party Payroll Services provider who is good in communicating with the clients and is easily accessible whenever you need them. This includes real-time online support that comprises email, chat, forums and a social media interface (and monitoring) and is able to quickly handle the services issues.
  • The applications that they use: It is very important to know about the applications that the service providers are using. As there are always latest technology offerings available in the market, make sure that your service provider enables you to leverage the best in the market as per your business requirements.

Once you are able to find an ideal payroll service provider then you can sign an agreement that is well suited to your needs and then transfer your various payroll activities to them. It is always recommended to have complete visibility on their performance and take regular feedback from your internal assets about the services that they are providing to your organization.

Are you facing payroll challenges that are taking your attention away from your core business activities? If yes, then it’s time to rely on a reliable Third Party Payroll Services Provider. To know more about our Payroll Services contact our Payroll Specialists at