6 Reasons to Choose Native App Development for Your Business

In the modern world, every business needs a mobile app not only to grow the business but also to stay relevant. In this blog, we’ll talk about how when it comes to mobile app development for business, the native app development should be your way to go.

If you’re yet to realize the importance of mobile apps for businesses, let us enlighten you,

Why does your business need a mobile application?

Since 2015, the upsurge of the mobile audience is overwhelming. From shopping to business meetings, almost 60% of users prefer mobile phones over desktops for every online activity.

So, it’s clear that the online marketplace is shifted from desktop-oriented to mobile-friendly.

Businesses are focusing more on capturing the mobile audience, and having a mobile app for your business is the best way to achieve that. Here we’ve listed some advantages you get once you hop on the mobile trend and build a mobile app.

  • Increased brand visibility
  • Better brand recognition
  • In-house Marketing channel
  • Direct client communication
  • Enhanced accessibility

This list could go on and on. However, the point we’re trying to make is mobile apps bring more eyes and more revenue to your business.

Once you decide that you need a mobile application for your business, it comes down to which kind of mobile app development process you want to utilize. 

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Hybrid and Native App Development:

Hybrid mobile app development involves the simultaneous development of apps for different operating systems.

In hybrid app development, app developers utilize the cross platform app development process with the help of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS.

Native mobile app development demands developing apps separately for specific mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. In native Android app development, app developers use programming languages Java or Kotlin.

On the other hand, in native iOS app development, they require the programming languages Objective-C or Swift.

Both, hybrid and native app have their advantages as well as disadvantages. But here we’re going to focus on the benefits of native app development.

6 Reasons why you should choose native app development:

If you want to offer the best user experience in terms of the look and feel of your mobile app, then native app development is the best option for you.

The reason being when an app closely follows the guidelines of specific platforms like Android and iOS, audiences will quickly get familiar with using it. On top of that, there are many other reasons why native apps are best that may be even more convincing for you:

  • Ultimate Performance
  • Better Security
  • Scalability
  • Easy Integration with Hardware
  • Stability
  • Enhanced UI/UX

1. Ultimate Performance

Native apps are way smoother and faster than non-native applications. Being built for a specific operating system, these apps take total advantage of the processing speed of the device.

As the native apps are written in programming languages that are completely backed by their respective platform’s ecosystems, they are also specifically optimized for various screen sizes and system versions.

2. Better Security

Compared to hybrid apps, native mobile apps superiorly protect users’ private data. Native apps are protected by multiple layers of an operating system, which makes them quite difficult to extrude.

And as they are released in longer cycles, you can expect more secure and thoroughly-tested applications.

 3. Scalability

Native app development enables quicker configuration as they are only compatible with a specific platform. This makes it easier for you to make the application compatible between different versions of the platform. Plus, you can easily use any new features when the platform gets upgraded.

4. Easy Integration with Hardware

Native apps are developed for their particular platform, so they take full benefit of the given operating systems’ features. These apps can smoothly access all the hardware features of a mobile device such as GPS, camera, microphone, etc.

5. Stability

Being fully backed by tech giants like Google and Apple (For Android and iOS), native app developers get access to the latest software development kits for the development and maintenance of their applications. As a result, they are much more stable and secure in terms of development, support and maintenance.

6. Enhanced UI/UX

Native apps can directly access the hardware of the devices such as the GPS, camera, microphone, etc. so they are smooth and fast in execution. Also, the basic user experience is similar in all native apps, so users will intuitively know how to move around in your app.

All in all, the UI/UX performance of native apps is way more superior to non-native apps.

In Conclusion:

Now we know that native app development is much more efficient than hybrid app development. Although building native apps is costlier than building non-native apps, we’ll still suggest that you choose native app development as it offers the most possibilities for customization, facilitation, and optimization.

The benefits native apps will provide to your business will definitely overcompensate your investment.

However, to properly bank on the advantages of native app development, you’ll have to hire a professional mobile app development agency. That’s where we come in.

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